Zendesk - Integration move the button

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Tor Egon Mikkelsen posted this 17 August 2017

Zendesk - Integration  move the button

Is it possible to move the button for stop & start up top?

In my view, it is down to the left corner and I need to scroll down to find it  
I would like to have it up top on the ticket or at right sidebar in Zendesk

Any suggestions or hints?


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Tor Egon Mikkelsen posted this 18 August 2017

My company rely heavily on Zendesk and with 13 people having the same issue I would like you to think fast, please
We started testing tmetric yesterday and so far it looks good but the button is an issue for us tbh.
So any more thoughts?

So if we could move it up   it would d be very nice even up top left side would be good

Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 17 August 2017

We'll think about it.