Time Tracking two users at the same time

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Alexander Rieder posted this 16 November 2018


we like TMetric very much ;)

Would it be possible to intregrate a feature to time track multiple users through one interface? or at least copy tracked times from on user to another. 


The Use Case is the following:

If two employees are on site at the customer, they both track time. However one user has a difference of a few minutes in tracked time (for example because of starting the tracking 2 mins delayed). Also they both have to check each others task description and tags at the end of the day. We would like to simplify this by having the chance to track the "same" time for multiple users at once ot at least copying tracked time between users.


Best Regards,


Alexander Rieder

Vladimir Mikheev posted this 16 November 2018

Hello Alexander, 
Thank you for submitting this feature request.
We will check the possibility of adding such behavior.
If it's feasible and supported by other users, we will likely
include it in our development plans.