Set task's finish time to 'now'

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Zoltán K. posted this 22 November 2017

Hi All,

It would be useful to have a feature which let the user set the task's finish time to the current time (like typing `now` into the form instead of a time).

I usually face the following scenario:
1. I start a new task but I forget to start the timer
2. In the middle of my work, I recognise my mistake and create the time entry with a proper starting time
3. Check the current time and set the finishing time for it
4. Save the task
5. Activate the task since I'm currently working on it.

To shorten this long process I would like to use the `now` functionality which can replace the steps 3-5.

Additional notes for considering:
- If the task newly created the `now` functionality set the task active otherwise, it let its previous state.
- May it's simpler to implement a `now` button then supporting words in the form

Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 22 November 2017

To shorten the process, you need to start timer first, and then just edit start time or duration (how long you've been working) of the active time entry.

Another quick way to create a time entry is to select a time span on the timeline with a mouse and click Add Time Entry from the popup.