Same project name for different customers

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Andreas Møgelmose posted this 18 May 2018

Currently, the system does not allow for multiple projects with the same name - I get a red band showing "Conflict" if I try to rename a project to the same as some other project.

I would love to be able to give projects the same name - then I'll differentiate by client.

My use case: Say I was manufacturing ice cream machines. For me, installing a new ice cream machine for a client is a project. And since my business is in ice cream machines, I have many similar projects. So I would like to make two projects like so ([project name] / [client name]):

  • Install ice cream machine / Ice Factory
  • Install ice cream machine / Ice House

I have two different clients. The task is the same for both, so the project name should be the same. Today, I'm forced to do something like this:

  • Install ice cream machine at Ice Factory / Ice Factory
  • Install ice cream machine at Ice House / Ice House

This is not a dealbreaker, but it seems annoying having to double-specify the client name. Of course, blocking the same project name for the same client makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 18 May 2018

We've got your point. We'll add this to our backlog.

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