Is there a way to hide / unable access of your own activity track to Admin & Owner ?

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JB Bailly (TWN) posted this 26 August 2018


As an owner, I would like to invite my team to record their activity with the desktop client, as I think it's easier to declare and correct time passed by task with this tracking data.

But I think it should stay private : as Owner of the account, I don't want to have access to all detailled activity of people of my team (name of my tabs , etc ,...) !

Is there a way to keep its own activity private  ?

Actually I didn't try it yet, but it is said at the bottom of this help page :

Your user activity is visible to you and to members with the Owner and Admin roles.


Thanks for the app !


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Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 27 August 2018

User Acivity is recorded only when the timer is started. This means that you, as the owner, want to access the activity, because it's thier working time, not their personal time.

That was our intent by design.


JB Bailly (TWN) posted this 03 September 2018

Hi Aleksandr,
Thanks for your answer.

I understand this way of using it, but I use TMetric with freelance teams (not my employees), to keep and share an eye on the budget.

I think it may be a nice improvement to add a "keep tracking time private" as an option for the account owner.
And, it would be nice to avert users that with the "record user activity" option on (in Tmetric Desktop Preferences), the account owner may have access to all activity made on this computer.


Thanks !


JB Bailly (TWN) posted this 03 September 2018

so my question is more likely a "feature request" : could you move it there and tag it like this ?


Vladimir Mikheev posted this 04 September 2018

Hi JB!
Thank you for suggesting this feature.
Certainly, your request will be forwarded to our Dev Team for review.
Wishing you a great day!