I work more than 12 hours at once - how to avoid stopping time

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Piotrek Tapicare posted this 27 August 2018

I work more sometimes more than 12 hours and it's remote work so during my work I don't have access to mobile phoe. On app, after 12 hours I get information that I didn't click the stop button and it makes me either remove that time or shorten it.

How to remove this blockade and let the clock go after 12 hours?

Please, don't suggest to stop it and start it for 1 second during work because it's impossible. 

Vladimir Mikheev posted this 28 August 2018

Hello Piotrek!
When TMetric logic was designed, it was presumed that no single task can last for 12 hours without any breaks.
Currently, this is the intended behavior.
We are collecting users' feedback to see if anything needs to be changed here.
In your particular case, if you really have to work on just one task for more than 12 hours running, we can only suggest including breaks.
You do need to rest or take a coffee break, don't you?