Feature Request: separate billable amount of hours

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  • Last Post 13 September 2018
Vitali K posted this 12 September 2018

Billing policy for specific projects require to round up to next 15 minutes, half hour or hour, which could not be applied to all hours on the end of the billing period, instead needs to be applied on each task separately.

Some tasks on the other hand could not be billied in full amount, for example if one of our apprentice work 8 hours, we only allow to bill 2 of them.

Will be great to have a possiblity to set manually different billable amount for each task separately (each person for themself or manager for the whole team on review).

Report for worked hours vs billed amount is a usual report we need to do for the management board to describe the productivity level and margin.

In this case, the feature will help a lot.


Vladimir Mikheev posted this 13 September 2018

Hi Vitali, 
Thank you for submiting this feature request.
I'll be forwarding it to our Dev Team for review.