End time in the future

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urs posted this 27 April 2018

I often want to set the end time of a task to like 30 minutes from now on, but TMetric prevents that. It insists I cannot enter a time which is after the present time. But sometimes I just know that I will have another 30 minutes for my task, and I cannot wait until this 30 minutes are over, because I have to deliver my time report now (there is a deadline that all tiime reports must be given to the appropriate person by 4 o'clock so the invoices can be prepared in time).

How can I override this behaviour?

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Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 27 April 2018

I understand the case, but you cannot log time to the future anyway. There are reasons for that. If it's a matter of 30 minutes you can simply log them at the beginning of the day (as if you started working 30 minutes earlier).