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Sharique Ahmed posted this 02 August 2016

`Hi Support,

Sometimes i work late into the nights, e.g. 1430 hrs to 0300 hrs. Then i come back at 1400 hrs on the same day as i stopped on 0300 hours this casuses a 11 hr break to come in ..... can you have an off work feature that can be put in ? i can just select that break time and mark it Off-Work so it wont count.

Really appriciate Tmetric .... its really awsome and my team is loving it anyways.


Sharique Ahmed

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irbis716 posted this 08 June 2018

This feature is extremely necessary, I often get a 8h long break during nights which makes the break counter useless.

A simple solution would be to include in the profile an "Ignore Breaks between" time picker.

That way it would be easy to specify that for example from 20:00 to 7:00 every day, the user is no longer at work and that time period should not be counted as a break.