Are Jira projects unlinked if you edit in TMETRIC ?

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ddd posted this 20 December 2016

1st I'm a newbe of TMATRIC.

I have started some tasks using selection from a Jira's issues.
That adds automaticaly my jira project "CAM" in "Projects", I did some modify on time tasks and all run well.
After I have added a Team and I have modified the project by assign it to project "CAM".
After that, I cant select any project in tasks (edit or new), combo already empty.
So I have deleted the assign of the team to the project "CAM" and now run well.

It's rights that I cant modify projects created by jira's issues ?

Best regards

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Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 21 December 2016

You need to make sure that all team members who need to log time in CAM project are included in the team you created.

See Private and Public projects section here

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ddd posted this 21 December 2016

 Thank you Aleksandr.

My mistake is : my team have no members and one lead (me)

After adding me to members task edit run well.

Best regards