First of all, thank you for this app, it helps a lot. 

I have a (minor) issue with the Chrome's addon. When I change my account I'm logged in with (logoff/logon), Chrome's addon seems to keep its old authentication token or something like that. As a result, when I click on "Stop timer" (in Redmine for example), I have a "Forbidden" javascript popup.


Steps :

1. Being logged off

2. Click on "Start timer" in Redmine. That opens a popup to log in

3. Log in into Tmetric with a Google account "A"

4. Realizing I am logged in with the wrong Google account. 

5. Stop timer

6. Logoff from the Tmetric web app

7. Log in with the Google Account "B"

8. Start timer => "Forbidden"


To resolve the issue, I completely close Google Chrome and start it again.


Thank you