What does "Monthly Balance" mean, and why is it a negative number one day and positive the next

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Dynamo Dan posted this 4 weeks ago

Here's a screenshot:

Yesterday it was in the 50's i.e. 52 - 55 and dropping, now it's in the negative 60's as you see in the screenshot.  I'm confused.  What does the number represent, how can I either configure it to make sense or just get rid of it?  Should I just ignore it?

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Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 4 weeks ago

Monthly balance on the Time page is calculated dynamically using the Working day length option. On the screenshot it shows the amount of time you should work to "close" the month without a debt.

If you don't a fixed working day length you can remove the option value. Then the balance won't be displayed.

Dynamo Dan posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks!   I found the "option value" and removed it.  Then the number disappeared.