Tmetric interrupt shutdown of Imace

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  • Last Post 12 November 2018
Dan Ledbetter posted this 10 November 2018

Upon scheduled shutdown of my iMac, tMetric will not close, thus, interrupting the shutdown procedure. A simpe Command-Q will not quit the app, either, requiring always a Force Quit. Please advisle.

Vladimir Mikheev posted this 12 November 2018

Hi Dan, 
Thank you for reporting this.
Could you let us know the version of the OS you are using?
Also, kindly send over the error log file.
It can be found by this path

Machintosh/Users/<user>/.Devart/Tmetric Desktop (please note that by default this folder is hidden, so you will need to make it visible first)

Once this information is received, we wil conduct a thorough investigation.