TMetric doesn't integrate with GitHub + ZenHub

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Akira Komamura posted this 03 September 2017

ZenHub is an agile project management software that integrates with GitHub issues. It is a Chrome extension, which adds a Kanban board to the user interface of GitHub and also augments issue pages to support some agile features. 

I tried to use TMetric with ZenHub, but when I open an issue on a Kanban board of ZenHub, the start/stop button of TMetric is no longer displayed (see the following screenshot). It has the same URI as the original issue page on GitHub like, and it also has almost the same contents, but the button disappears. 

Can you fix TMetric's integration with GitHub so that I can start/stop the timer on GitHub issues even when ZenHub is turned on? 

Alina Afonina posted this 04 September 2017

We have solved the issue, thank you for reporting. The fix wil be included in tne next release. 

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