Round off time syncing to Redmine

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Mike van Egmond posted this 12 June 2017

Hi guys,

The Redmine sync is a very cool feature. I would like to suggest an option for the sync; rounded time syncing. Within TMetric there is the option to have hours rounded of, for example 36 minutes would be 0.75 hours because it is rounded of to the upwards nearest quarter.
When syncing to redmine it would then always use 0.25 increments for syncing;

25 minutes = 0.5 in Redmine

36 minutes = 0.75 in Redmine

10 minutes = 0.25 in Redmine

1 hour and 32 minutes = 1.75 in Redmine


Hope you are willing to add this!


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Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 14 June 2017

Hello Mike,

We'll think about the place of this feature in our roadmap.


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Mike van Egmond posted this 14 June 2017

Hi Aleksandr,

That would be awesome. I was waiting for this integration for a long time so we could switch from Harvest to TMetric! (L)
But since we bill per 0.25 increments we need to display that in Redmine as well to our customers.

So hoping this is added soon!
Is there somewhere I can monitor the roadmap or see where it is at?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 14 June 2017

The roadmap was not intended to be public. But we'll think about publishing.