Recent Project does not work properly

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Mikael Granholm posted this 30 May 2018

I've been working in a project on daily basis. Still the (this) project is not showing in Recent project, just three other projects. Two of them is correct.

Or to explain more, yesterday i worked on two project and one of them is, today, in the recent list, one is from day before yesterday and one is from several days ago. 

How comes that I can't see the missing project?


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Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 31 May 2018

We couldn't reproduce the problem. Please note, that any time you edit any time entry or start a timer, the related project is popped to the top of the "recent projects" list.

Mikael Granholm posted this 31 May 2018

Okey, well, today my "missing" is in "recent".. but not a another project I'm working on today..

Edit: Hm.. Today's missing entry in recent was not a Project, just a task. When create a Project and then edit my entrys to that project, the project also is in Recent.