Properly Tracking Time Between Two Accounts

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  • Last Post 09 March 2018
kakeisler posted this 08 March 2018

One of our contractors (Lora Vest) has an account set up for Emerge Marketing Solutions (the company I manage tmetric for) and another personal account for her other contract work. She is having issues getting her time to track properly between the two accounts. We use tmetric integrated with Asana, and when she is selecting "Start timer" in Asana on certain Emerge projects, it is tracking her time on her "personal" timsheet, even when she has ensured she is selected under the "Emerge Marketing Solutions" account in tmetric first. 

Any ideas why this may be happening and how we can resolve?

Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 09 March 2018

If she's a member of two accounts (personal and corporate) TMetric may have trouble deciding in what account she really wants to track time (because she tracked time in both accounts).

The best solution for her is to delete the personal account (see


But, if she really needs that account, let us know, we'll fix it on our side.