Hi there, so I contacted the support team and they suggested that I put a feature request.

My team started using TMetric recently and have been very impressed with the pie chart that gets generated automatically so we can see how much time has been spend on each category. We were wondering if it could be possible to generate pie charts for not only categories, but for tags as well.

In example, the pie charts currently show that we spent 50% of our time on category A, and 50% of our time on category B. You can use the filters and see the list of tasks underneath the charts, but can't see tags as slices in the charts. What we would like to see is a chart that says, for example, in category A, 50% of our time was spent on task A, and 50% of our time was spent on task B.


We feel that this feature would put TMetric far above all of its competitors as we haven't found a single app that works as easily as TMetric and is available on all the operating systems we use.


Looking forward to making TMetric the new main timekeeping app for our team in the future!