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urs posted this 25 May 2018

Is it possible to change the day for a entry / move the entry to another day? The problem is, I often want to add a time entry for the previous day by clicking on the "Start Timer" button in our issue tracking system, but it always gets added to the current day. It doesn't seem possible to move this entry to the previous day. 

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jboarman posted this 14 July 2018

It's hard to believe that something so basic is STILL not yet supported!  :(

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Vladimir Mikheev posted this 16 July 2018

Hi there!
You can edit time entries for previous days.
Choose the required day
and introduce the necessary changes.
Please let me know if this info helped you solve the issue.

urs posted this 16 July 2018

this does not solve the issue. I want to change the day of an EXISTING item to another day. as @jboarman said, I cannot believe that such a basic thing is still not supported.