Internal tasks tracking

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Juan Emilio Drault posted this 19 March 2018

Using Tmetrics for almost a month and a half I found there's no way to track all the time I spend with internal tasks. So if the first thing in the morning is to order all the work of projects, proriotize, reply some emails and whatsapp, and so on, that time that is usually a mix between internal tasks and reply to several client requests, is not possible to be tracked in a proper way. Many "breaks" between tasks are indeed a phone call, an email reply, or whatever but usally related to internal tasks. What I suggest is to have te hability to track that time in a different way and to be very handy to start-stop. The idea would be to have a button that when pressed automatically stop the running task (if there's one running), it starts an internal task tracking time (in a different color), and when pressed again to turn it off/stop then allows to select tasks and/or describe what you just did, and then asks to resume the last running task.

A new report is also needed to understand how much time the internal tasks consumed and a summary of all descriptions with filters.

Of course that to have also a special Internal Tasks section where you can define your single and recurring tasks like to "Prioritize today's tasks" or "Prepare and send the weekly report" would be nice.

Also would be good to be hable to configure predefined internal tasks like "Answered phone call", "Replied urgent e-mail" in order to select them in the "Description box" after the task is finished.

Many business owners, project managers, sales reps, will have many hours a week applied to internal tasks. That's why it is so important.


Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 20 March 2018

We use TMetric internally and we also have so-called internal tasks. We solve above problems using TMetric desktop app.

It has the "away time" feature. The desktop app detects that you were absent from your workplace and prompts you about this time.

It a few days we'll release the new version of the desktop app that will allow selecting a task from a list for the away time.

Thus, you won't have to stop the timer each time you leave your work place.