In extension popup, Sort Projects list by most recently used

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  • Last Post 21 January 2019
David Cohen posted this 20 January 2019

The Projects list to choose from, in the Firefox and Chrome extensions, can get quite long. I realise I can start typing to find the one I want to track, but that means changing from mouse to keyboard. How about providing an extension option to have the projects appear in order of most recently tracked using Tmetric - or at least using the same browser extension - so that often the one needed will often be visible in the list without scrolling or typing?

I can see that if this involves communication with the server while opening the popup, it could slow things down excessively. But it could be restricted to that extension in the one browser profile. Could the extension save the new order each time the popup closes, ready to utilise? 

Vladimir Mikheev posted this 21 January 2019

Hi David, 
I can suggest using recent tasks in browser extension instead.
Please let me know if this works for you.