Improvement: Managing user time

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Liz.Shepperd posted this 21 March 2019

Please condider adding 2 new elements to t metric

Within europe (and many other parts of the world) there are time limts that are imposed for the maximum numbers of hours that a person can work per day and per week,

Please consider adding 2 new field into the user section of t metric

1) Max number of hours per day

2) Maximum number of hours per week

Within europe this can vary by person (depending on therir specific contract., and wether or not they have choosen to opt outof the working time directive)

To make this really usfull it would be good to have an alert sent out when someone is close to the limit PLUS have a seperate report that shows working hours over a selected date range for the folowing

- Hours worked per day
- Hours worked per week
- and a 16 week rolling average **

** for the working time directive, hours are averaged over the previous 16 weeks
there are also rules related to rest days.. i.e. days where no hours should be worked ... but that is propably too much to consider at this time.

I appreciate that this will be a lot to include, and if you do include it you may choose to do so in several phases.

the first of which could be the ability to add a maximum number of hours per person per day and per week, and have a alert issued if a person may exceed this (set %.. similar to alerts on projects)  woulld be usefull in itself.

Having a report would make this even more beneficial.


Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 21 March 2019

We'll consider your request. In development, we're moving towards better HR management.