Gitlab project not set at all

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kamil.ignaciuk posted this 01 October 2017


I'm using gitlab 10.0.02-ee and I noticed that when I start time tracking (as project owner) for new issue using chrome or firefox tmetric plugin I'm not able to see any information about issue project on my tmetric account. Only information about issue number name and time are available. I can add project manually and next asign my issue to it but when I stop time tracking for that issue and start again the new time tracking entry is created with the same issue number and name but without project name and time is couting from the begining. I need again manually assign  that entry to the project if I want to merge it's time with previous entry.

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Alina Afonina posted this 02 October 2017


We found the issue, thank you for reporting. The fix will be included in the next release of the extension.