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daniel posted this 08 July 2017

Hi friends!


I just received the excellent news that the task actual dates are already available at the detailed reports, and I really want to thank you for that!

The product is by far the best time tracking platform available!


I have one more feature request, though


When creating some tasks, we use to aggregate them by using the same description, but it turns out that we lose a lot of detail by doing that, since each task refers to a different part of the feature. So i tried to use a default tag for categorizing the feature and have different task descriptions.

However, I found that only Admin can create tags, which makes this idea not viable for us anymore, since we have lots of projects and the admin is not necessarily involved in all of them, and aldo it's not productive to keep bothering the admin for every single tag we want to create. 


That said, could we have a setting to allow users to create tags on-the-fly by typing their names on the Time tracking dialog in case they don't exist yet? 
Better yet, it would be awesome if each project had its own tag cloud, so depending on what's selected on the project dropdown, the suggestions get different. 


Thanks for your time!



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Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 12 July 2017

I think. this problem can be solved in two different ways. One way is described by you. Other is to allow custom time entry descriptions for one task (especially from the external system).

What's more preferable for you?

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daniel posted this 15 July 2017

 Hi Aleksandr, thanks for putting some time on this feedback


The other solution proposed at the other thread is a great suggestion as well, but for me it's only gonna work if it allows filtering/consolidation on the reports part, which I think it's not what they need there.


But anyway, if I could at some point group tasks by these comments for reporting purposes, than it would be 100% adherent to my current needs


Have a nice weekend!



daniel posted this 26 September 2017

Hi Aleksandr!

We jsut started using the JIRA integration on its entirety, and the problem related to the tags is all gone! 

However, we would like to have the feature you suggested some time ago regarding custom notes on the time entries. Do you have any plans for that? 


Thanks a lot!

Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 26 September 2017

Feature 'Custom time entry descriptions' is under development right now.

Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 21 November 2017

Custom time entry description feature ia released. See