Bug: Adjusting time in recorded task times

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evanontario posted this 01 March 2018

On one of my tasks I set a start time, end time, and duration. Now I want to change the end time + duration, but its not allowing me. I'm not sure how the coding in the background is working but you should be able to lock one value (in this case start time) and adjust one of the two other numbers - the third number will obviously get calculated as a result.

So example: Lock task starting at 10:30 am, set duration equal to 4 hours, end time calculates as 2:30 pm.

Right now I cannot do this, it keeps adjusting the start time I think? and prehaps the end time is locked?

Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 02 March 2018

Most probably, 2:30 pm was the moment in the future at that time. TMetric does not allow logging time to the future.

If you edit the duration field we suppose that you want 4-hour time entry and not some random duration.