Basecamp 2 Integration > Timer not found on individual tasks

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sarah pressler posted this 26 January 2019

I was hoping that I would be able to track time from within Basecamp, vs. having to rely on the Chrome or FF browser extension. The TMetric website has information that indicates it should be showing up in the browser on the individual tasks, but... I don't see it. 

TMetric feature page:

Screenshot of my BC 2 project > task

-- Maybe the in browser integration is only for Basecamp 3?

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Vladimir Mikheev posted this 29 January 2019

Hi Sarah, 
Could you send over the URL of the task in question? 
We will review it and get back to you with the response.

Vladimir Mikheev posted this 31 January 2019

Hi Sarah, 
A quick followup, if I may.
Currently, only Basecamp 3 is supported.
However, our next release of TMetric browser extension (which allows using various integrations)
will contain steps for users to set up new integrations.

I hope this will help you use TMetric with your existing version of Basecamp