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3484550587 posted this 20 January 2019


I would like to archive tags so they can't be seen when a new time entry will be created. But they should be seen when a report is been created.

Best regards.

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Vladimir Mikheev posted this 21 January 2019

Thank you for submitting this feature request.
Could you provide more details regarding your particular use case
and why it's necessary for you to hide tags in time entries but display them in reports?
Understanding your needs might help us find the right solution for you.

Kind regards, 
TMetric Team

3484550587 posted this 21 January 2019

Hi Vladimir,

my use case is that each week I have to create a new tag with a project name which has the same structure, but every week includes a week number, e.g. 

ToDo Week 3

ToDo Week 4

ToDo Week 5

and so on....


After a week these projects are obsolete, but I need these tags in order to filter out the data in the reports.

"The problem" is if I create a new time entry and start to write a new tag like ToDo I will get a long list of all tags which begin with ToDo. In order to avoid this I have to delete them, but then I cannot filter the entries on the report page.

So, I need a possibility not to show these tags in the time entry, but still to filter the data on the report page.

Best regards!





Vladimir Mikheev posted this 25 January 2019

Hi there, 
Functionality of recent tags is widely used by a lot of TMetric customers, so deleting it won't be the right solution.
Maybe it's possible to change your workflow a little bit in order to avoid creating repeated tags.

3484550587 posted this 25 January 2019

I don't want to delete tha tags, I would like to set them as "disabled", or "archived" or something like "not active".... so that in "recent tags" are displayed only the active tags.