Ability for Fixed-Price tasks

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Joe posted this 18 January 2018

I do not see the ability to mark a task as billable and assign a fixed rate.
I have several jobs I do regularly that are just a fixed price, not determined by time.

Ideally, they would not be a project price (although I can imagine that applying to a lot more people), but a task that could be contained in a recurring project.

For example:
Project: Widget Installs
Task: Install Widget at Customer x  (quoted at $500)
Task: Install Widget at Customer y (quoted at $1,000) (we hate that guy!)

Currently, I have to mark these projects as non-billable and keep track of them manually, and can not use the handy report feature telling me what hasn't been invoiced yet.  As a result, the more brain cells I lose, the more invoicing I lose.

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Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 18 January 2018

I can propose you the following solution for tracking fixed-price tasks.

First you'll need to create a work type called fixed-price with a zero rate and add this work type to a regular billable project named Alpha (lets say, for Customer x).

I assume that that the billable project has a single rate (Invoice Type is 'By project rate').

Then, you add a task Install Widget at customer's side to the project Alpha and mark the task with fixed-price worktype. You may even add the quote to a task's description so you don't have to memorize it.

And that's it.

Now, when you track time for this task the time marked as billable and uinvoiced, but with no rate. Thus, it doesn't spoil your reports for variable-price tasks, yet you can mark it as invoiced.


We've just started developing invoicing functionality. Fixed price tasks have their place there.


Joe posted this 18 January 2018

SO close ... I didn't see the work type because I am on the Pro plan instead of business, but that's not an obstabcle - I can certainly upgrade - I do love your product and it's worth the upgrade fee.

BUT...   The last piece of the puzzle would be to be able to set the work rate (or at least override it) at the time entry level.
In my example, as is my business case, the rate is potentially different each time.  I just have a few blanket projects that I assign as a type of work. Since each instance is going to be a different rate (and they occur frequently so I don't want to have to create a project for each one of them - think about doing 20 service calls a week, each with a different fixed rate).
(on going back and re-reading your answer I see - make all zero dollar and just use this for tracking my forgotten billing - I really would like to still be able to use the quick report to show how much outstanding billing I have to do as well as the historic "how much billable work did I do in the last x time period")

So I guess the end request now would be to be able to override the fixed work type rate for a single time entry.
If this is what's coming in the invoicing functionality (even though I don't need you to actually generate invoices) maybe I just have to wait it out.

Thanks for your responses.


Aleksandr Serdyuk posted this 19 January 2018

Work types are designed precisely for what you're asking - overriding rates at the time entry level.

You can assign a single work type to multiple projects and set a different rate for each Project - WorkType pair.

See Introducing Work Types in TMetric